Protecting Jewish and Pro-Israel Students on Campus

This year, students have experienced a drastic rise in antisemitism - making colleges and universities feel unsafe.

On campuses across America, incidents of antisemitism range from the vandalism of Jewish buildings to literal ‘Jew-Free Zones.’ But you can make a difference. Please join our mission to give alumni and students the tools they need to maintain a healthy environment.

Pressuring CUNY to Stand Up to Hate

The City University of New York (CUNY) campuses are rampant with antisemitism. The Chancellor and administrators have done little to resolve these issues and protect their Jewish students and faculty. Recently, ACF launched a public pressure campaign that reached over 1.5 million people, aimed at exposing the ongoing threats and demanding action.

Help Students Counter Antisemitism

Last year, we surveyed more than 500 Jewish college students and recent alumni about their experiences with antisemitism on campus. 95% percent of respondents recounted antisemitism as a problem on their campuses. Now more than ever, we need alumni to step up and harness their unique power as stakeholders on college campuses to advocate for change.

Exposing Bias in Campus Newspapers

This year, we partnered with a leading data and analysis firm to survey campus newspapers at 75 schools. From 2017 through 2022, these papers published nearly 2,000 articles on Israel, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, antisemitism, and related issues. Nearly 93% of slanted articles were biased against the Jewish State. ACF is working harder than ever to counter the anti-Israel messages peddled by campus newspapers - but we need your help to continue our critical mission and succeed.

We’re Growing Faster Than Ever

Expansion is key to our success. We now have more than 34,000 members in 55 chapters across the United States. Using cutting-edge campaign technologies, we’ve activated record numbers of alumni to fight for Jewish students. And our work is just beginning.

Bringing Our Network Together

As the world continues to move on from the pandemic, we are bringing activists together. It is critical that we stay alert to the ever-changing campus environments and remain ahead of the opposition.

This spring, we plan to host even more events, offering opportunities to strengthen and unify our movement.

Double Alumni Impact

To address hostilities toward Jewish students, we’ve hired full-time field representatives to serve the East Coast and the West Coast along with a Communications Coordinator to broaden our reach and counter antisemitism on campus. Soon, we will add field representatives for the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions as well.

Serving As the Guide for Jewish Students

This year is different from past years. Antisemitic incidents have become commonplace across college campuses nationwide. From protests and student government resolutions to graffiti, Jewish students find themselves demonized and held responsible for the actions of a country on the other side of the globe. Simply put, Jewish students are more at risk than ever before. But you have the power to turn the tide.

Jewish students need your support. Your contribution will make a tangible difference for students and the future of Jewish life on campuses across the country.