Protect Jewish and Zionist Students
On Campus

Every year, Jews commemorate our liberation from Egypt, where Pharaoh kept our people in bondage for hundreds of years.

Today, on college campuses across America, Jewish and pro-Israel students are still under attack. We need you to join us as we give alumni & students the tools they need to fight for the Jewish future on campus.

Help Students Combat Antisemitism

Last year, we surveyed more than 500 Jewish college students and recent alumni about their experiences with antisemitism. 95% percent of respondents told us antisemitism is a problem on their campuses. Now more than ever, we need alumni to step up and harness their unique power as stakeholders on college campuses to advocate for change.

We’re Growing Faster Than Ever

Expansion is key to our success. This year alone, ACF added more than 20,000 new members to our alumni network. Using cutting-edge campaign technologies, we’ve activated record numbers of alumni to fight for Jewish students. Our work is just beginning.

Bringing Our Network Together

As the world moves on from the pandemic, Alums for Campus Fairness is bringing activists together. It is critical that we stay alert to the changing conditions of the campus environment and ahead of the opposition.

We recently hosted our third annual National Conference Growing the Movement with great success!

This spring, we plan to host more events, each offering opportunities to strengthen and unify our movement.

Double Alumni Impact

To address hostilities toward Jewish students, we’ve hired full-time field representatives to serve the greater Boston area and the West Coast. Our research has shown that these are the most active regions in the country for antisemitic on-campus activities.

Be The Guide For Jewish Students

Why is this year unlike all the others? Simply put, the on-campus threat is more dynamic and more is at risk than ever before. You have the power to turn the tide.

Jewish students are in need of your support. Your contribution will make a tangible difference for students and for the future of Jewish life on campuses across the country. 

At this inflection point in the Jewish story, where will you stand?